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What Is Meant By Ideal Protein Protocol?

What Is Meant By Ideal Protein Protocol by Remedy Aesthetics and Wellness in Tupelo, MS

Ideal protein protocol seems like just another fancy new weight-loss gain trend in a long list of other fads. Is it really effective? And if so, what makes it work better than hundreds of other weight-loss programs that became popular over the years?

Let’s learn what ideal protein protocol is all about. We will discuss how it works, how to do it, its effects, its risks and side effects (if any), and how to start implementing it.

What is Ideal Protein Protocol?

The Ideal Protein protocol is a formula that achieves three things: burn fat, lose weight, and maintain or build muscles. Ideal protein protocol accomplishes this through three stages: deplete carb intake by restricting sugary foods, maintaining a protein and fiber-rich diet, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. What makes ideal protein protocol different from other fad diets is the scientific backing of this program.

The ideal protein protocol is medically designed; it emphasizes the education of how the body works. It does not just provide a strict regimen of what to do and avoid; it teaches people the best ways to lose weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Each phase of the ideal protein protocol will educate you to cultivate better eating habits. 

Once you achieve your goal, the program will teach you how to maintain that obtained weight. You will learn to develop improved eating habits and establish healthy lifestyle choices.

How Ideal Protein Protocol Works

The principle behind the fat burning and weight loss capabilities of the ideal protein protocol is ketosis. Ketosis occurs when the body does not have enough carbohydrates as an energy source, so it relies on burning fat to create an energy source called ketones.

Any diet that triggers a ketosis reaction is called a ketogenic diet, or keto. While the ideal protein protocol adopts ketogenic principles, it goes beyond other keto diets. The ideal protein protocol accustoms the body to use fat reserves as an energy source without sacrificing muscle mass.

When we decrease our calorie consumption, the body resorts to stored carbs, fat, and protein for energy, carbs being the first burnt energy source. Once the carbs get depleted, the body uses the stored fat. The restricted sugar intake in the ideal protein protocol ensures that the body burns the carbs and fat reserves until you achieve your ideal weight.

The ideal protein protocol provides meals composed of high-quality, protein-based foods to maintain muscle mass. Keeping a solely protein-based diet ensures that the body burns carbs and fats for energy while providing a means for muscles to remain intact.

What are the Effects of Ideal Protein Protocol?

Loss Weight

As far as external sources can see, the most noticeable effect of the ideal protein protocol is lost weight. Your figure will look better, and you will look more muscular. But weight loss is just the tip of the iceberg – with the iceberg being the beneficial effects of ideal protein protocol.

Stronger Muscles

Even if you drastically lose weight, you will maintain or even increase your muscle mass. Say goodbye to the undesirable fat and say hello to well-toned muscular features. Whether you increase your muscle mass or not, getting more robust due to minimizing fat is a certainty.

Feel Good Physically and Mentally

You will become more energized, and you will feel better than ever. You will become fit – ready to take on any challenge because of your improved health and physique. And the more you feel confident about facing any challenge, the more you feel good about yourself.

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

Excess fat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and metabolic diseases. The ketogenic effect of the ideal protein protocol dramatically decreases your fat levels, ensuring that you are safer from diabetes and metabolic disorders. Your blood sugar levels will improve drastically.

Transformed Attitude Towards Health and Fitness

The ideal protein protocol will also transform your thinking and attitude towards good health. You will crave unhealthy foods less and desire nourishing whole foods more. Maintaining a regular exercise routine will become easier – even desirable – as you get into the program more.

Increased Knowledge About Health

Lastly, the program will make you knowledgeable about maintaining a healthier lifestyle. You will grow to understand how your body works and know which actions lead to what effects. You will learn to take charge of your health.

The Side Effects of Ideal Protein Protocol

The immediate restriction of sugar intake can lead to certain discomforts. These discomforts are namely:

  • Hunger
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Cold intolerance
  • Hair thinning
  • Constipation

Your body will need time to adjust to the new diet. If your diet before partaking of the ideal protein protocol is highly unhealthy, the more severe the unwanted effects may be. Doing the ideal protein protocol will reset your body and mind, and the reset will be uncomfortable, to say the least.

How to Do Ideal Protein Protocol?

We can’t fully divulge the specifics of the program for free, but you should know that it’s easier to do it with a coach. A coach is beneficial for several reasons:

  • A coach guides, instruct, and educates you on losing weight, maintaining muscle mass, and living a healthy lifestyle as long as you choose to do so.
  • A coach increases your accountability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.
  • A coach can help you create a customized program plan to help you get to your desired destination more effectively.
  • A coach can give you feedback on your progress and provide practical advice on improving further.
  • A coach can explain any aspect of the ideal protein protocol that you don’t understand.

So, how do you do the ideal protein protocol? The first critical step is to get the best coach possible. Remedy Aesthetics and Wellness houses the best staff of ideal protein protocol coaches in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Get in touch with us to inquire about the ideal protein protocol. Contact us by phone at 662-584-2943. Our office is at 2213 W. Jackson St. Tupelo, MS 38801.

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