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Facial Waxing

Facial waxing

Facial waxing produces longer-lasting results than other popular hair removal methods. Unlike most other methods, waxing removes hair from the roots, while others only remove hair from the surface. The hair that grows back after consistent waxing is often finer and lighter. In addition to removing dead skin cells, waxing helps produce a smoother appearance on the waxed areas. Waxing is ideal for people who want to remove fast-growing hair quickly with little maintenance.

At Remedy Aesthetics And Wellness, we recommend that you create a schedule to help you maintain your best results after your first eyebrow or lip waxing appointment. The average appointment is scheduled every three to four weeks. However, your next wax appointment is not scheduled until you have 1/4 inch of hair, so it will depend on how quickly your hair grows.

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Benefits of Waxing over other methods:

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Waxing removes hair from follicles, pulling it from lip and brow areas—repeated waxing sessions thin the hair over time.

We provide an enjoyable waxing experience at Remedy Aesthetics And Wellness. Many patients find waxing to be an easy and quick process.

Waxing frequency depends on how fast your hair grows. It is recommended that people with unwanted hair have waxing appointments every three to four weeks.

Ideally, it would be best if you let your hair grow to at least 1/4 inch before getting waxed. This will enable the wax to hold onto the extra length, making it easier to apply and more comfortable to remove.

The average person schedules an appointment every four weeks, although results vary depending on how quickly your hair grows back.

After your wax appointment, you will not experience any downtime. There may be redness or tenderness in the area where the wax was applied.

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