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10 Things To Know Before Getting Your Facial Waxing

10 Things To Know Before Getting Your Facial Waxing

Getting rid of facial hair can make some people feel a little more confident and turn to facial waxing as a hair removal method. For decades, facial waxing has been a great and affordable way to ensure the face is silky smooth. While there are several methods of facial hair removal, there are certain things to remember before venturing into any facial waxing. 

Below are ten things to know before getting a facial wax.

1. Less risky 

The dermal layer on the face is sensitive, and as much as possible, any risks of bumps and ingrown hair could be avoided. Facial waxing reduces the chances of ingrown hair and skin irritation. It’s a straightforward procedure that has been practiced for decades.

2. Quick and practical 

All excess hair can be removed in the blink of an eye. There’s no need to spend hours plucking the eyebrows or shaving the cheeks. 

3. Improves skin health 

Waxing not only removes excess hair but also gets rid of dead skin cells. The procedure will glow up and smoothen the skin. In fact, some waxes have additional nutrients that can detox and moisturize the skin.

Additionally, facial waxing helps both men and women achieve a flawless glow with minimal effort. After the process, a radiant face can be achieved if the dermal layer is hydrated. Also, the hair removal process can help with pigmentation and diminish blemishes.

4. Is it painful?

When appropriately done by a professional, the pain likely won’t leave lasting damage behind. However, there are a few exceptions, like taking topical acne medications since they can lead to thinning of the skin and increasing sensitivity. Similarly, the skin is prone to be more sensitive to getting burned or irritated with an autoimmune disease like lupus.

5. Side effects 

Most people feel a mild redness after a wax. If the redness or itchiness lasts more than 24 hours or seems to get worse progressively, speak to a dermatologist, who may be able to prescribe antibiotics or topical ointments to help tackle the reaction.

6. Longevity

Each waxing session would last 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the growth rate. The waxing results would last much longer than any other facial hair removal method. In fact, the hair stops growing in some regions or follicles after repetitive waxing sessions. 

7 . Precise Removal Of Hair After Facial Waxing

No matter how close the glide razor is to the face, precise results are not achieved like face waxing. This is because waxing pulls the hair out from the roots, so the level of precision is relatively high compared to shaving.

Hence, a lot of women choose to go with waxing than shaving. Though using a razor is less painful than removing hair with wax, perfection makes women choose the latter option.

8. Waxing Aftercare

  • Avoid exposing the skin to heat since waxing can irritate the skin. Exposing the waxed skin to heat can further affect it, and it will turn red and small bumps may appear. Everything that can expose the skin to heat should be avoided, from a warm shower to sun exposure, but this restriction is only for a day, and normal activities can be resumed the next day.
  • Avoid swimming pools. Just like the heat is bad for the skin after waxing, chlorinated water can also affect the waxed skin. Going for a swim can irritate the skin. Hence, it is best to avoid swimming pools for 24 hours after getting waxed.
  • Never apply face scrub after waxing. Do not apply a face scrub after waxing. Irrespective of how mild or gentle the face scrub is, it can irritate. Avoid face scrub for 3 to 4 days at least. However, make sure that the face is with water properly.

9. Parts of the face to wax

Here are a couple of areas that can be safely and effectively removed facial hair through facial waxing:


It is one of the most common waxing treatments. In fact, regular waxing of the eyebrows allows for a tamed shape, as well as removes straggler hairs that may make the eyebrows look unruly otherwise. 

How often one needs to get the eyebrows waxed varies greatly depending on how thick the eyebrows are and how dark the hair color is. However, there are those who go for a monthly eyebrow wax, so they can maintain a great shape and keep unsettled hairs off.

Upper lip

A “mustache” or darker hair on their upper lip has made many women insecure about their appearance. As a matter of fact, this can be caused by hormones or genetics, which is entirely normal. That said, facial waxing is one option to remove the hair instead of shaving. 

Also, continued waxing ultimately lessens the hair growth over time, making the hair appear lighter. For those men with a thicker hair follicle in general, upper lip waxing is an option that can reduce (or even remove) the need for daily shaving.


If the hair comes down too far on the sides of the face, it is referred to as “sideburns” – another area where hair can be removed easily via waxing. Removing this hair allows for a cleaner slate when applying makeup.


Stray hairs on the chin are not uncommon for some due to hormonal changes or puberty. Regardless, waxing is the best choice, as most women want those hairs gone.

While many women choose to pluck chin hairs, occasionally, some hair could be missed, resulting in a weekly chore of plucking that could have been avoided through waxing. Waxing the chin area ensures grabbing all the hairs to keep them aside, leaving a silky smooth for weeks.


Removing the hair from the nostrils has been one of the popular facial wax treatments for both men and women. It is not as bad as everyone thinks, as some people love how it looks and feels post-wax. Most importantly, no health risks are associated with removing nostril/nose hair. 

10. Where To Get The Best Facial Waxing Service?

Facial waxing is one of the best approaches to getting rid of facial hair with little maintenance quickly. Remedy Aesthetics And Wellness offers Facial Waxing that produces longer-lasting results than other popular hair removal methods. At Remedy Aesthetics And Wellness, we recommend that you create a schedule to help you maintain your best results after your first eyebrow or lip waxing appointment. 


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